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Student Information

This information comes from Dr. Debora Johnson-Ross.

With the collaboration and support of McDaniel College Trustee, Mr. Charlie Moore, students will travel to a rural region of Zimbabwe to work on 2 projects over a 3 week period–at a a local medical clinic and at a local primary school.   In addition to our service projects, we will likely travel to either Great Zimbabwe or Victoria Falls.

Students will complete readings on Zimbabwe’s ancient and contemporary history and will attend the pre-trip orientation sessions.  A final reflection paper will be expected after the return to McDaniel’s campus.  There are no prerequisites for this course.  Before the course, it is possible that students will participate in fund-raising activities to raise funds for malaria nets and school supplies.

Anticipated course fees $3000  – 3500; Additional expenses for passports and immunizations.

To learn about the Zimbabwean community in the U.S.. see http://www.zimexpo.com/index.php.

Travel Documents

Health Information

  • Immunizations may be obtained at your local physician, at some county health departments, or at a travel clinic.  One possible source of immunizations in Westminster is Passport Health at: http://www.passporthealthusa.com/baltimore/
  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control provides health information for travelers to Zimbabwe at: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/zimbabwe.aspx.
  • Students who need regular medication should bring enough to last for the duration of the trip in original packaging. Any special medical concerns must be acknowledged on the forms provided by the college.

The U.S. State Department provides information for U.S. citizens traveling to Zimbabwe at: http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1063.html.  At the moment of this writing (June 2010) there is not a travel advisory issued.  The McDaniel group will be registered with the U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe, and they will have a copy of our itinerary.  They will notify us of any situations where caution is advisable.  The McDaniel group will be traveling under the auspices of the Methodist Church which will provide stability, lodging, and meals.

The embassy’s contact information:
U.S. Embassy Harare
172 Herbert Chitepo Avenue
Harare, Zimbabwe
Telephone: (263-4) 250-593/4;
Emergency After-hours telephone: (263-4) 250-595
Facsimile: (263-4) 250-343

Contact: Dr. Debora Johnson-Ross, djohnson@mcdaniel.edu, 410-386-4632
Department offering course: Africana Studies


2 Responses

  1. To enroll in the2011 Zimbabwe Jan Term Course, please follow this link: https://www.mcdaniel.edu/JanTerm.htm .

  2. McDaniel Team Member Personal Packing List

    o Passport and Yellow Vaccination Card
    o Copies of forms: medical, notification of death, liability release, medical release.
    o Copy of passport. Also blood type and Rh factor
    o Carry-on
    o One change of clothes; several changes of underwear
    o Medications (also copy of prescription meds)(Take 14 days extra supply)
    o Travel documents
    o Comfort items: Saline spray, eye drops (<3 oz in ziplok), neck pillow, book, noise-canceling head-phones….
    o Neck or belt pouch for cash, passport, etc.
    o One checked bag – not to exceed 50 lbs. You can take up to 70 lbs. but will pay $100+ for “excess baggage” fee. Your second checked bag will be used for us to take medical supplies, school supplies, etc.
    o Clothing Put your initials on all clothes with a permanent marker
    o McDaniel “stuff” – t-shirts, sweats, hats, pens, etc.
    o Dress clothes for Sunday worship (Skirt or dress for women; Ties for men)
    o Work clothes (2 sets, quick-drying like poly-blend is best); no shorts at worksite
    o Note to the ladies: shoulders must be covered–no sleeveless blouse or dresses in our official mission capacity. OK for side trips
    o Casual clothes for Side trips and travel
    o Bathing Suit
    o Pajamas
    o Comfortable shoes. Sturdy shoes and work gloves for work site
    o Several personal water bottles (camper style)
    o Snacks, candy, etc.
    o Toiletries (soap, shampoo, lotion, razor). Bring extra bars of soap to share.
    o Flip flops or shower shoes
    o Towel and wash cloth
    o Electric converters (British style) if you bring hairdryers, tape players, etc.
    o Sunglasses, SPF 30/45 sun screen, lip balm
    o Hat or cap. Bandana to protect neck.
    o Ear plugs (Unless you are the one that snores!)
    o Insect repellent (20%+ DEET), permethrin, sting eze
    o Camera and film. Travel alarm
    o Small flash light and long burning candles with matches.
    o Spare batteries for flashlight, cameras, etc.
    o Journal, pen
    o Extra set of glasses/contacts
    o Moist towelettes, personal hand sanitizer.
    o Personal first aid kit (Imodium, Tums, Tylenol, Cipro, Polysporin, BandAids)
    o Cash ($200-$300 for gifts and incidentals); Credit cards will be accepted at Victoria Falls – you need to alert your credit card company of your travel countries and dates
    o Leave jewelry home!

    Reminder: Leave travel schedule, host country contact and phone numbers with family before leaving. A copy of your passport and official forms will also be held in the College office.

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